Casper the Maltese x Chihuahua

Casper the Maltese x Chihuahua

**CASPER IS IN LONG TERM FOSTER – HE HAD ONE MEET AND GREET ARRANGED – HOWEVER THIS WAS UNSUCCESSFUL AFTER HE GOT SCARED OF A LARGER DOG AND BECAME UPSET AND BARKY** This is such a shame for Casper as he is a very sweet and funny little dog, he thrives off human fuss and will do well with a confident handler who can take some time to teach him the world isn’t a scary place and he doesn’t need to make noise to warn other dogs away.

Tiny little Casper is a Maltese x Chihuahua and two years old. He has come into rescue after not getting along with the larger dogs in the house. Casper is a little unsure at the minute but quickly settling into his new routine and doing well. Casper does like the sound of his own voice and can be a bit yappy but responds when corrected. Casper is very small and will need a patient new owner who will allow him time to settle in and work on his confidence. We have restarted Casper’s vaccinations as they have lapsed, a second will be due by your own vet in two weeks time. Casper is eager to earn your affection and loves a cuddle. He would do best as an only dog or with another small, laid back friend. Casper can be fearful of larger dogs.

We are currently very busy and rescue spaces are extremely limited – PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU HAVE HOLIDAYS BOOKED OR ARE NOT IN A POSITION TO FINALISE THE ADOPTION IN GOOD TIME – we have a huge waiting list which we are constantly juggling as we hate turning away dogs in need. Please tell us about and breed experience on your application form.

Age – 2 years old

Size – tiny, Casper weighs approximately 3kg and is fully grown

Location – in foster in Southport, Merseyside

Colour – white

Microchip number and company – Casper is chipped and we will facilitate his registration over on a successful adoption.

Known medical conditions – Casper does have fair, sensitive skin and can sometimes chew his paws, he has seen the vet with his previous owners who was not overly concerned. He has been fine in foster

Known behavioural concerns – Casper can be a bit yappy but we feel this can be worked on and he does settle

Neutered – yes and fully recovered

Live with other dogs – yes, Casper is in foster with other small dogs but could live as an only dog with the right human

Good with cats – Not tested

Good with kids – Casper would prefer a child free home as a little nervous, visiting children will be ok as long as they give him space

Travelling in the car – good

Housetrained – Casper is clean so far in foster, but may relapse with a change of circumstances

Lead walking – needs some confidence building but generally ok, he can bark at bigger dogs

Recall – too soon to be tested

Crate trained – yes and taking to it well

Current diet – twice a day. Casper eats dry food, no known allergies

A video home check and a non refundable £400 adoption donation will apply – this goes back into our vet fund account

Apply to adopt Casper using our adoption form here

Pascal the Toy Poodle

Pascal the Toy Poodle

**PASCAL SADLY HAD ONE FAILED ADOPTION AND WAS RETURNED TO US** Unfortunately for Pascal his first adopters did over estimate their time and commitment to training and did not follow the advice they were given to help him settle with some boundaries in place, and he snapped after they were playing rough with him after a few days in his new home.

Pascal is a super sassy Toy Poodle who came to Little Legs from a local vet after being surrendered to be put to sleep at one year old – he was a much loved dog but his owners were not able to handle him and he had resorted to resource guarding and does have a bite history. Pascal has been in long term care of the rescue and made massive progress, he lives with other small dogs in foster and is generally a very fun, affectionate boy but will need confident and experienced owners who can handle his occasional outbursts. These are infrequent and short lived, but he can be a tiny diva when he can’t get his own way. Pascal loves to play with a ball and toys and to cuddle up in a donut bed, but will sometimes guard a fluffy bed if allowed to. Out and about Pascal is a dream and loves meeting new people, walks beautifully on a lead and is happy to be handled as long as he knows you are going to pick him up. Pascal is muzzle trained and accepts this well. He weighs only 3kg. Pascal is good at the groomers and will tolerate ear cleaning and plucking with a muzzle on. Pascal is fully vaccinated and will require regular hair cuts. Pascal could be an only dog in the right circumstances.

We will not place Pascal in a hurry due to his history, we want his next home to be forever.

Age – 3 years old

Colour – black

Microchip number and company – Pascal is chipped and the paperwork passed to the new owners

Known medical conditions – Pascal can be prone to itchy ears like a lot of curly coated dogs, but is used to regular plucking and cleaning

Neutered – Yes

Good with cats – OK, he can chase if they run past him

Good with kids – Pascal needs a child free home without visiting children due to his history

Travelling in the car – excellent

Housetrained – yes Pascal is very clean

Lead walking – Perfect, Pascal loves going for a walk

Recall – good

Crate trained – yes

Current diet – twice a day; no observed allergies. Pascal eats a mixture of wet and dry puppy food

A video home check and £350 adoption donation will apply

Apply to adopt Pascal using our adoption form here