Who are Little Legs?

We are a small home rescue set up during the COVID pandemic at the end of 2020. A chance meeting with a dog breeder resulted in discussions about what happened to breeding dogs upon retirement. Originally aiming to spay and neuter breeding dogs and then rehome them, we now take in dogs from all backgrounds including the Police, dog wardens, veterinary practices, private homes and breeders all over the UK.

Christina Mather-Bateman is the founder of Little Legs, supported by her Mum Margaret and daughter Florence. Christina’s heart lies with dogs and she has retired early from her career to allow her more time to take in and care for them – she was previously a public servant working closely with the RSPCA on cruelty and neglect cases. Christina has also fostered and volunteered with a number of other rescues before founding Little Legs. Social media messages and emails will likely be handled by Christina.

Mum Margaret has owned and fostered dozens of dogs in her lifetime, she has been involved in rescue work for over 50 years.

We are completely self funded and work on a not for profit basis – we fundraise to cover our vets bills and are lucky enough to be supported by a wonderful network of friends, adopters and supporters.

All the dogs live with us in our homes until the point of adoption. We love keeping in touch with our adopters and their dogs and have built a lovely community of like minded people both locally and further afield. All the day to day care of the dogs, walking, vet visits, fundraising and administration is handled by us – we are super busy so please keep this in mind when you contact us. At any one time we can have up to 60 dogs in our care, many with special medical or behavioural needs.

We do ask an adoption donation for each dog and these are posted on their profile pages. This goes back into our vet fund account to allow us to keep taking in dogs and helping with our costs.