Flump the English Bulldog

Flump is an 11 month old English Bulldog puppy who is friendly and fun and looking for his forever home. Flump has had a hernia repair, cherry eye removal, been castrated and is fully vaccinated. Flump loves people and other dogs and would like to live with a doggy friend or two. Flump is a typical bulldog, confident, loving and a bit clumsy and will need some reminding about his manners and some basic training. Please research flat faced dogs […]

Hulk the French Bulldog

Handsome Hulk is a 16 month old French Bulldog. He is the most affectionate, loving boy and has all the love in the world to give. He loves walks and a snuggle on the sofa and would love to sleep on the bed with you (if you allowed it) he walks perfectly on the lead and has perfect recall. He is very well trained with regards to toilet training, he loves people of all ages and will always try to […]

Hunter the English Bulldog

Hunter is a very handsome English Bulldog who is approximately 12 months old. Hunter was found as a stray with very sore eyes and skin, but he has now fully recovered with lots of TLC and ready to be rehomed. Hunter is small for a bulldog – weighing 14kg. Hunter has had double cherry eye surgery, been fully vaccinated including kennel cough, been castrated and microchipped. We have also DNA tested Hunter, he is full English Bulldog and screened clear […]

Bungle the English Bulldog

Bungle is a big chunky English Bulldog who was previously used as a stud dog. He is now castrated, fully vaccinated including Kennel Cough and ready to retire. Bungle was three years old in November 2022. When Bungle arrived he couldn’t even manage a five minute walk without collapsing and struggling to breathe, however now he has had full BOAS surgery to trim back his soft palate and also widen his nares (nostrils) to make it easier for him and […]

Rudi the Miniature Dachshund

Rudi is a super handsome, seven year old dapple Miniature Dachshund who was previously stud dog. Rudi is now castrated, vaccinated and ready to find his forever home. Rudi is a happy, joyful dog who has adjusted well to living in a home and he loves the company of other dogs, especially Dachshunds. Rudi is typical Dachshund and loves to decapitate his teddies and bring you the squeaker, nothing is safe from this tiny crocodile mouth, he takes his job […]

Laszlo the French Bulldog

This handsome chunk of love is Laszlo the Frenchie who is looking for his forever home. Laszlo has just turned one year old and been castrated and is fully healed. Laszlo has lived with other Frenchies but was sadly attacked by a larger dog, so can be a little anxious meeting new people and dogs – he will need slow and steady introductions to his new friends to ensure he doesn’t get overwhelmed. As a result of this, Lazlo also […]

Pele the French Bulldog puppy

Pele is a full bred French Bulldog puppy who has come to Little Legs as an unsold puppy from a breeder. Pele is timid and a little shy but will quickly come round with his new family. Pele is fully vaccinated and ready to go out on walks and adventures. Pele is 19 weeks old and weighs approximately 5kg. Please research flat faced dogs and bull breeds – they are loving and fun but can also be prone to breed […]

Freddie The Morkie

Freddie is a tiny Yorkshire terrier x Maltese Terrier who came to us after his family’s circumstances changed. He is very sweet and affectionate, loves cuddling on the sofa and going everywhere with his humans. Freddie is a typical terrier type, a big dog in a small body – he can be sassy and demanding and would thrive with a terrier experienced and confident owner. Freddie lives in foster with lots of other dogs and loves company. Freddie weighs only […]

Miso the Corgi

I’m Miso the wonder pup, the most special girl looking for my perfect home. I came to Little Legs as a four week old puppy with my whole litter from a breeder as we were all poorly. We were all nursed long term and grew into confident and loving dogs. My three sisters have now all found their forever families but I’ve stayed a little longer to be fully grown, be spayed and fully recover. When I was tiny my […]

Richard the Double Dapple Dachshund

A very special home required for this very special boy. Richard was born in Hungary and imported to the UK to be a stud dog thanks to his beautiful markings – but please see past how handsome he is, he is the result of two Merle genes being bred together resulting in congenital deafness and vision problems. Richard is completely deaf and partially sighted – he manages very well and loves the company of other dogs, especially Dachshunds. Richard will […]