Keith and Maxine the Dachshunds

Keith and Maxine are a bonded pair of Dachshunds who were surrendered from a family due to their new baby being allergic to dogs. Keith is the larger boy and the more laid back of the two, Maxine is smaller and more outgoing but they are both very sweet and gentle. They have lived together their whole lives and are very happy together. They are in foster with other dogs including Dachshunds and get on great with others. Keith needs […]

Sid the Chihuahua

Sid is a sweet timid boy who has come to Little Legs after the bigger dog in the family had taken a dislike to him and starting picking on him. Due to this he is a little reserved and overwhelmed at the minute, but with time and patience he will soon blossom. Sid is currently finding his feet in foster with lots of other small confident dogs, and whilst he isn’t interacting with them much yet, it is very early […]

Paddy the Bulldog

Paddy is a very special and lucky boy, definitely not Paddy the Baddy as was portrayed by his previous owners. Pads was previously living with his doggy brother (littermate) in a one bedroomed flat in quite an unsettled and chaotic household. After an incident in the home, the residents called the police and asked for them to come and ‘deal with him’ as they did not want to pay the £170 they had been quoted at the vets to put […]

Lottie and Lola the Miniature Dapple Dachshunds

Lottie and Lola are a pair of 12 month old Miniature Dachshund girls who have come from a breeder. They were due to be kept as part of their breeding programme, but they are now scaling down and so surrendered them to us to find them a lovely home. Lottie (chocolate dapple) and Lola (silver dapple) have come together but are not bonded – they would like to live with other small dogs and ideally dachshunds. Please let us know […]

Amy and Carla the Frenchie sisters

Amy and Carla are a beautiful pair of French Bulldog girls who have come via a breeder for retirement. They are litter sisters and very bonded, so the breeder covered the cost for their spay surgery to enable us to reduce their adoption fee in the hope that they can stay together as a pair and grow old together. They coexist very well, they eat their meals together and have never shown any signs of grumpiness to each other, we […]

Miles the ShihTzu x Poodle

Miles is a Shihtzu x Poodle boy who is looking for his forever home due to no fault of his own. Miles is a little anxious with his change of circumstances and he will need a dedicated owner who will allow him to settle in and gain his confidence without rushing him. Miles has lived as an only dog before and would be happiest as an only dog in his new home. Miles is used to regular hair cuts and […]

Max the MaltiPoo x Pomeranian Puppy

***MAX IS CURRENTLY RESERVED AND NO MORE APPLICATIONS CAN BE CONSIDERED AT THIS TIME*** Max is the most stunning six month old puppy who was part of an accidental litter. His Mum is a Maltese Terrier x Poodle and his Dad was a Pomeranian. Max has a lovely wavy coat and already had his first haircut and a very good boy. He is in foster with lots of small dogs and doing well. Max can live with other dogs or […]

Casper the Maltese x Chihuahua

**CASPER HAD ONE MEET AND GREET ARRANGED – HOWEVER THIS WAS UNSUCCESSFUL AFTER HE GOT SCARED OF A LARGER DOG AND BECAME UPSET AND BARKY** This is such a shame for Casper as he is a very sweet and funny little dog, he thrives off human fuss and will do well with a confident handler who can take some time to teach him the world isn’t a scary place and he doesn’t need to make noise to warn other dogs […]

Arthur the Long Haired Miniature Dachshund

** ARTHUR HAD ONE FAILED ADOPTION WHICH SADLY ONLY LASTED 48 HOURS – there were multiple visitors to his new house in that period and Arthur became very overwhelmed and nipped, it did not break the skin and it was aimed at a visiting dog not the human handler, they sadly were caught in the middle ** Arthur has been great in foster and quickly gained his confidence and has been a very good boy, he bonds very quickly to […]

Barbie the Miniature Dachshund

Hi Barbie! Beautiful Barbie is a tiny silver dapple Miniature Dachsund who has finished her life as a breeding girl and now ready to retire. Barbie is quite petite and very gentle, she is a little unsure of some new things in the house like the TV and hoover, but she is quickly learning. Barbie is used to living with lots of other dogs and will settle best with another small doggy friend, ideally another Dachshund. Barbie is a little […]