Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adopt a dog?

To adopt a dog check our adopt section to see which dogs are available. If you match the dogs adoption criteria then please complete the online form. We will contact the most suitable applications for a video home check. Unfortunately we do not have the time or resources to contact all applicants to give feedback or open a dialogue regarding this. We will then contact the person who we consider the most suitable to finalise the adoption. If you apply, please make sure you check your junk mail to ensure you don’t miss an email. All contact will come from hello@little-legs.org.

Can I come and visit you?

We are a family run rescue and we operate from our own home. Therefore we do not offer visiting or the option to drop in to meet the dogs. As you can imagine we have a very busy household and it would be impossible for us to manage.

Can you give me some advice about …?

Whilst we are very flattered that you would like to pick our brains regarding dog training, behavioural issues, nutrition and other recommendations etc we are not dog trainers, behaviourists, nutritionists or vets. We are very experienced dog owners and handlers but this cannot replace professional advice. It also takes a lot of our time which is already in short supply due to caring for dogs.

Do you accept donations of dog food, bedding and toys etc?

Yes, we always need clean and easily washable bedding and blankets (no pillows or duvets please) and both wet and dry dog food. These can be taken to one of our two drop off points in Churchtown (The Wagging Tail Cafe) and Formby (Dean Brothers Independent Funeral Directors). We also have an Amazon wish list and can accept donations via Paypal.

Do you need volunteers?

We do not have the liability insurance requirements to accept volunteers at the minute, but it is something we may be looking at in the future.

Do you rehome with children?

As a general rule, no. As the majority of dogs that come to us have health or behavioural issues. However we do sometimes have puppies or dogs that have come from families, then we may consider homes with older, dog savvy children.

I can no longer keep my dog, can you help me?

We will always try to help as much as we can. However, we are a very small rescue and do not have any kennel facilities and we self generate all our own funds. If your dog has major health or behavioural issues please consider whether we are the right rescue for you as we do not have the resources of other, larger rescues. We can assist with dogs with behavioural issues but these dogs tend to take much longer to rehome, if they are rehomed at all and we do have a waiting list for this.