Sebastian the French Bulldog Puppy

Sebastian was found abandoned and alone in the countryside, filthy and covered in urine burns. He is now recovering well, has been castrated, vaccinated and had a good bath! Sebastian is less than a year old, we do not know his exact age. He is a playful, gentle and affectionate boy who is coming out of his shell. Sebastian is in foster with several other dogs and is shy but gaining confidence daily. Sebastian could live alone with somebody who […]

Tony the French Bulldog

Tony is a three year old male French Bulldog who has recently been castrated and ready to find his forever home. Tony is a sweet and sensitive affectionate boy who is happy to chill out on the sofa and loves cuddles. Tony would love to be an only dog with somebody at home with him most of the time. He is becoming increasingly anxious in our busy household and we are therefore urgently looking for his forever home, sooner rather […]

Vecna The Poodle Puppy

Vecna is a wonderful, happy, 7 month old miniature poodle puppy. He is a black merle (black with white patches) and too young to be neutered. The expectation is that he will be castrated by his adopters and under no circumstances to be used for breeding. Vecna is a joy to be around who loves people and other dogs and will make a fabulous family dog. As with all poodles he will require regular professional grooming and this is something […]

Charles the English Bulldog

Charles is an 18 month old pedigree English Bulldog who has come from a family that found it hard to cope due to his strength. Charles is a typical English Bulldog, affectionate, food orientated, stubborn but very loving. He does have a cheeky side where he will remove your washing from the line and bring you your pot plants as gifts from outside, whilst scattering the contents over your living room! Charles is still a young boy and doesn’t realise […]

Flossy The Part Wire Haired Dachshund

Flossy is a three year old spayed, female miniature Dachshund who has come to find her retirement home now she has finished having puppies. Flossy is a sweet submissive girl who will need a home with other kind resident Dachshunds. She is a typical of her breed and therefore she will need to go to a breed experienced home. Flossy does not like cats and will chase them. Flossy loves short walks and sofa cuddles and is a loving dog […]

Beautiful Bruce from Belarus, the French Bulldog

Bruce is a petite Frenchie and weighs 8.5Kg, he greets everyone happily with a bum wriggle and is getting along well with other dogs in foster. Bruce is very playful and if you have a resident dog they will need to accept his boisterous play as he is still very young. Bruce could alxso be an only dog in the right circumstances. Bruce is castrated, up to date with his vaccinatons and worm and flea treatments. Bruce’s paperwork states he […]

Slim Jim the Yorkshire Terrier

Slim Jim is a 4 year old teeny tiny Yorkshire Terrier boy who has previously been used as a stud dog. Jim weighs only 1.9Kg but does need to gain a little weight. He is in foster with other similar sized dogs and tends to be ok with them but he can be demanding of his human’s attention. We feel the ideal home for him would be someone looking for the ultimate lapdog who is at home for most of […]

Biscoff, Oreo & Bourbon Miniature Poodle Puppies

Biscoff (male) Oreo (female) & Bourbon (male) are miniature Poodle puppies who have come via a breeder as part of an unsold litter. They are 12 weeks old and fully vaccinated, flea and worm treated, ready to be walked and socialised. The expectation is that they will be neutered by the time they are 12 months old and that they are not to be used for breeding. A puppy is potentially a 15 year commitment and will require house training, […]

Sully & Boo the French Bulldog x English Bulldog Puppies

Sully is availabe. Boo has been adopted. Sully has more white on his nose than Boo. Sully & Boo are 9 week old male French and English Bulldog mix puppies who have come via a breeder as part of an unsold litter. They have received their first puppy vaccine but will need a second with their new vet before they can be walked or socialised. They are approximately 9 weeks old and have received one vaccination, flea and worm treated […]

Groot the French Bulldog Puppy

Groot is RESERVED Groot is a fawn male French Bulldog who has come to us via a breeder as part of a group of unsold puppies. Groot is approximately 12 weeks old and is fully vaccinated, flea and worm treated and microchipped, ready for his new home. The expectation is that Groot will be neutered by the time he is 12 months old and that he is not to be used for breeding. A puppy is potentially a 15 year […]