If you don't meet the criteria for this particular dog your application can not be considered
Please provide details of your garden size and perimeter security
Please detail how many, their species, breed, sex and age as well as any other relevant information
Please detail how many people live in your property, their name, age and sex
Please indicate the occupations and working hours of all adult residents in your property
Please indicate how many hours in any one day that the dog will be left alone in the house and if there are any other dogs he/she will be left with
Please detail any other dogs you may have owned in the past
Please indicate your intended vet for the dog and their address and telephone number
Please note - insurance is not mandatory, but consideration should be given to the costs of potential bills associated with taking on a dog. If you do not plan on taking insurance cover, then please confirm you have the finance means available to cover both routine and unexpected costs associated with pet ownership.
Insurance is not a prerequisite
Please add any information that you believe may assist your application
I understand and agree that if my situation changes and I am no longer able to care for a Little Legs re-homed dog, I will contact Little Legs in the first instance to arrange re-homing and new care for my dog. I agree that all members and pets of my household will meet the dog before we can collect. I also fully understand that bringing home a rescue dog is not always easy. There is likely to be a period of adjustment and teething problems in that time. The responsibility is for you as the new owner to be committed to working through any problems for the adoption to be successful.