Lovely Luna is a four year old full Staffordshire Bull Terrier (SBT) who is excited to find her retirement home. Luna has come from a small, professional home breeder and has now finished having her puppies and is looking for her forever family where she can start the next chapter in her life. Luna has been a wonderful mum to her puppies and now deserves the very best home. She is typical of her breed and thrives off human company, greeting everyone with a waggy tail and the signature Staffy smile. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are a firm favourite here at Little Legs, they make the most wonderful and loving companions and are full of personality.

Luna can be fussy with the dogs she likes, generally preferring humans, however she has met a number of other dogs in foster and seems to tolerate them ok however can be wary of other larger dogs out on walks. Luna would ideally like to be an only dog where she can lap up all the attention and bond with her new owner. You’ll never be lonely with a Luna in your life.

We have sight of Luna’s full vet history and there are no ongoing health concerns and she has recently been spayed and is now fully recovered. She does have some loose skin on her tummy from puppies and this will likely reduce with time after her surgery and exercise. Luna has had a restart of her vaccinations and is fully up to date with flea and worming. Luna would love to hear on your application forms about all the adventures she can go on – she would be the most perfect friend for lovely walks, outings to the beach and camping trips.

We are currently very busy and rescue spaces are extremely limited – PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU HAVE HOLIDAYS BOOKED OR ARE NOT IN A POSITION TO FINALISE THE ADOPTION IN GOOD TIME – we have a huge waiting list which we are constantly juggling as we hate turning away dogs in need. Please tell us about and breed experience on your application form. Whilst a loving home is SO important for a rescue dog, they will also need structure, routine, boundaries and long term commitment.

Age – born 25th November 2019, four years old

Size – medium, currently 19kg

Location – in Southport, Merseyside

Colour – blue (grey)

Microchip number and company – Luna is chipped and her registration can be moved over on a successful adoption

Known medical conditions – None

Known behavioural concerns – Luna can be selective with the doggy company she likes to keep, she doesn’t like dogs in her face and will correct them if they get too near. Whilst not a behavioural concern per se, her owner will need to keep this in mind so she is not put in situations which make her feel uncomfortable

Neutered – yes and fully recovered

Live with other dogs – possibly after controlled and slow introductions, Luna has lived with other Staffies and seems to prefer her own kind

Good with cats – Not tested

Good with kids – yes, Luna could live with older, gentle dog savvy children

Travelling in the car – ok, Luna can get a little stressed on longer journeys or when it’s warm

Housetrained – Luna has been clean in foster but may need reminding in a new environment

Lead walking – Luna loves to go on a walk and is good on the lead

Recall – needs practice

Crate trained – we have started this in foster and Luna is settling well

Current diet – Luna currently eats raw food with some kibble and does well on this

A video home check and a non refundable £350 adoption donation will apply – this goes back into our vet fund account to help other dogs in our care

Apply to adopt using our adoption form here