Lucky Brian is a very handsome Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross who was found abandoned locally with no collar, tag or microchip. He became very famous after multiple social media posts were shared searching for his potential owner when it was discovered he had been abandoned on farm land and sadly no one was looking for him. Thankfully he was taken in by a local dog trainer Sharon (Prestige Puppy Coach) who has agreed to help Little Legs by keeping him safe until we can find him his forever home. Sharon’s clients rallied found and were able to fundraise enough to cover his initial vets bills including flea and worm treatment, castration, microchipping and vaccinations, yay! This means Brian has the very best start to set him up for future success. Brian’s body is very much that of a Staffie and his head a little slimmer. He will need a safe and secure garden and seems interested in trying to find possible escape routes in his foster home, as likely isn’t used to being contained.

Brian is very sweet and loves a head scratch, he walks beautifully on a lead and appears to be pretty neutral around meeting other dogs out and about. He is however very anxious around food and seems to prefer human stuff over regular dog food (chips and mayo so far is his favourite!), possibly indicating his previous life may have been a little dysfunctional. His foster Mum is working hard though to turn things around and give him the structure and routine he needs to behave like a proper dog. His future adopter can be supported by both Little Legs and Prestige Puppy Coach moving forwards so there is plenty of back up in place. Brian would make the perfect companion for an early retired gentleman looking for the ultimate best friend for walks and lazy afternoons. Brian will settle to be left and is making massive improvements every day.

As we have no history for Brian we would prefer an experienced owner and a home without children, or older, calm and patient teenagers.

We are currently very busy and rescue spaces are extremely limited – PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU HAVE HOLIDAYS BOOKED OR ARE NOT IN A POSITION TO FINALISE THE ADOPTION IN GOOD TIME – we have a huge waiting list which we are constantly juggling as we hate turning away dogs in need. Please tell us about and breed experience on your application form. Whilst a loving home is SO important for a rescue dog, they will also need structure, routine, boundaries and long term commitment.

Age – approximately 3 years

Size – medium sized, weighing approximately 22kg

Location – in Southport, Merseyside

Colour – brindle and white

Microchip number and company – Brian is currently chipped to Little Legs and this will be transferred over to his new owner

Known medical conditions – None

Known behavioural concerns – Brian can be anxious around food and will need time to improve his confidence, but he is now happy to eat in the company of his foster Mum

Neutered – yes, his stitches can be removed by our vet on 12th June

Live with other dogs – possibly after successful and controlled introductions

Good with cats – Not tested

Good with kids – older teenagers, we have no history for Brian

Travelling in the car – ok and will settle

Housetrained – Brian is doing well, clean in his kennel space but may need help reminding in a new home

Lead walking – good, Brian is picking up loose lead walking well and is gained confidence, can be a bit anxious around traffic

Recall – too soon to be tested

Crate trained – no

Current diet – see above, Brian is not overly food motivated but is eating better in foster and loves chicken

A video home check and a non refundable £250 adoption donation will apply – this goes back into our vet fund account. This includes 2 x sessions with Sharon @prestigepuppycoach

Apply to adopt using our adoption form here