Biggie the tiny Terrier x Staffy

Biggie the tiny Terrier x Staffy

Biggie is sadly looking for a new family and is being returned to Little Legs after becoming unsettled and unhappy in his home. Biggie was adopted out two years ago as part of a bonded pair, and has been living in a multi- dog household. As he is getting a little older however he is not enjoying living as part of a pack in a busy house with a young baby and his adopters are reluctantly surrendering him back to our care. We believe Biggie is a cross of a small terrier and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, but he is very petite and super handsome.

Biggie can be a little bossy on his walks and doesn’t like it if strangers get in his space or approach him suddenly. He can be a little sass pot and pull a bit on the lead, therefore our friend Becca at Collar and Co in Southport is donating a 1-2-1 session of lead walking practice/skills to any local adopters to help them get started in a new routine.

Biggie can guard his food around other dogs but this shouldn’t be an issue as an only dog. He loves to cuddle and be under the duvet with his humans and is clean in the house. His favourite things are fleecy blankets and snacks.

We are currently very busy and rescue spaces are extremely limited – PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU HAVE HOLIDAYS BOOKED OR ARE NOT IN A POSITION TO FINALISE THE ADOPTION IN GOOD TIME – we have a huge waiting list which we are constantly juggling as we hate turning away dogs in need. Please tell us about and breed experience on your application form.

Age – 4 years

Size – small, approximately 8kg

Location – Southport, Merseyside

Colour – brown brindle and white

Microchip number and company – Biggie is chipped and the details moved over on successful adoption

Known medical conditions – sometimes Biggie can drag his front paws a little when walking on hard surfaces and they can get sore, he has previously worn little protective shoes but no longer tolerates them. He would prefer walks on soft grass/ground

Known behavioural concerns – Biggie can be protective over food and doesn’t always like sharing his space with other dogs, historically when pushed out of his comfort zone or startled he has snapped

Neutered – yes

Live with other dogs – yes historically but now would prefer to be an only dog

Good with cats – Not tested

Good with kids – Biggie would like a quieter, adult only house, he does get anxious with shouting or loud noises

Travelling in the car – good in front seat wanting to see everything going on

Housetrained – yes, can occasionally scent mark like some male dogs but quickly settles

Lead walking – as above, he might need a little help becoming more confident on walks, we will provide support with this

Recall – generally good but will need practice with a new owner

Crate trained – yes and excellent

Current diet – currently eats raw but has previously had a mixture of foods and is not fussy/no allergies

A video home check and a non refundable £350 adoption donation will apply – this goes back into our vet fund account

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