Jess and Kaci the Miniature Dachshunds

Jess and Kaci the Miniature Dachshunds

Jess and Kaci are full litter sisters who have come from a breeder to find their retirement homes. They are naturally very petite little dogs, high energy and very affectionate. They don’t stop wagging their tails and are doing great in foster. They have previously lived in kennels but are adapting well to being in a home environment and picking up house training quickly. They do not need to be rehomed together but would do best living with other dogs. Jess is the more laid back and calmer girl, Kaci is a little live wire who doesn’t sit still and always on the go. Please tell us about the personality of your resident dogs on your form so we can match you best with one of these sweet girls. They have had one litter of puppies each already but they are not to be used for breeding. They are fully vaccinated, flea and worm treated.

We are currently very busy and rescue spaces are extremely limited – PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU HAVE HOLIDAYS BOOKED OR ARE NOT IN A POSITION TO FINALISE THE ADOPTION IN GOOD TIME – we have a huge waiting list which we are constantly juggling as we hate turning away dogs in need. Please tell us about and breed experience on your application form.

Age – 18 months

Size – very small, 4.5kg/3.5kg and naturally slim, they do need to gain a little weight

Location – in foster in Southport, Merseyside

Colour – chocolate and tan

Microchip number and company – they are both chipped and we will facilitate moving the registration over on a successful adoption.

Known medical conditions – none

Known behavioural concerns – none

Neutered – no – it is a condition of this adoption that they are spayed after 2 years old and around their current seasons, they are not to be bred from under any circumstances and can only be rehomed with neutered dogs. We follow guidance for delayed neutering in Dachshunds due to a potential link with IVDD.

Live with other dogs – yes, they have previously lived with with other dogs in kennels, are being fostered with other small dogs and would like to live with a friend or two, ideally another Dachshund

Good with cats – Not tested

Good with kids – older children as they have not been brought up around children

Travelling in the car – good in the car in a crate or car seat

Housetrained – they are doing well with house training, but may relapse with a change of circumstances. They have previously lived in kennels

Lead walking – this will need to be worked on by their adopter as they can be a little nervous

Recall – too soon to be tested

Crate trained – yes we have started this in foster

Current diet – three small meals a day, Hills Science dry food and some wet on top

A video home check and a non refundable £450 adoption donation will apply per dog – this goes back into our vet fund account

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