Richard the Double Dapple Dachshund

Richard the Double Dapple Dachshund

A very special home required for this very special boy. Richard was born in Hungary and imported to the UK to be a stud dog thanks to his beautiful markings – but please see past how handsome he is, he is the result of two Merle genes being bred together resulting in congenital deafness and vision problems. Richard is completely deaf and partially sighted – he manages very well and loves the company of other dogs, especially Dachshunds. Richard will need to live with other confident and kind resident dogs. Please let us know if you have knowledge and experience of deaf/blind dogs on your form.

Richard is the sweetest, cuddliest boy and loves a fuss. However he can be easily startled due to his lack of sight and hearing, so needs slow introductions and a home without children or small animals. Richard walks on a lead but can be a little reactive if approached suddenly or by blowing leaves past him. Despite his difficulties, he is a wonderful boy and we are excited for him to find his forever home.

Richard does have a loud and unusual bark – remember he can’t hear how daft he sounds! Richard loves to play with toys and is a joy to be around. Richard is a large Miniature in size – weighing roughly 7kg.

Age – 2 years

Colour – grey dapple

Microchip number and company – Richard is chipped and the new owner will be registered

Known medical conditions – Richard is, being a double dapple, partially sighted and deaf. Richard has no other known issues

Neutered – Yes

Good with cats – Richard cannot live with cats or other small furies as despite his lack of senses, he has a very strong prey drive.

Good with kids – We don’t routinely rehome with young children  (under 16) as most of the dogs who come to us have health or behavioural issues.  Richard is easily startled and needs a child free home.

Travelling in the car – travels fine in a car

Housetrained – Richard will need reminding in his new home, but is clean in foster

Lead walking – Richard loves going for a walk but can bark if approached by another dog suddenly, he walks best with other dogs

Recall – No. Richard has zero recall and cannot be let off in public spaces as his nose hits the floor and once he gets a sniff he is gone – however we do allow him off on a secure dog field with a long lead trailing for a good run

Crate trained – yes

Current diet – twice a day; no observed allergies.

A video home check and £500 adoption fee will apply

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