Frankie the Dachshund

Frankie is RESERVEDFrankie is a 5 year old female black and tan ex breeding miniature Dachshund. Frankie is a very sweet and submissive girl. She is in foster with lots of other small dogs and doing great. She loves the fuss and cuddles and is a very loving girl. Frankie can be a little bit timid and the ideal home for her would be a quieter Dachshund experienced house with other gentle dogs for company. Frankie has developed mild cataracts […]

Kim the French Bulldog

Kim is RESERVEDKim is a beautiful choocolate ex breeding French Bulldog who is almost 3 years old. Kim is only petite but typicallly Frenchie in that she loves humans and food and getting her own way. She is settled well in foster care with multiple other dogs of various sizes and breeds. Kim is very loving by nature and loves nothing more than jumping onto your knee for a cuddle. She is a sweet lovely girl who would do best […]

Derek the Labradoodle Puppy

Derek is an 8 month old chocolate labrador poodle cross. Derek has already had multiple homes in his short life and we need to ensure that his next is his last. Derek is a happy, friendly, loving boy but a little bit timid, which is understandable after his unsettled start. Derek is mixing well with other dogs in foster but is growing to be a big strong boy. He will need a confident and capable handler who is prepared to […]

Laura the Cavapoo

Laura is RESERVED Laura is a 2 year old female F1 cavapoo. Her mum is a full Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and her dad is a full bred Miniature Poodle. Laura is an ex-breeding girl who has already had 2 litters of puppies in her short life. She is very shy and timid but also very loving and loveable. She will need a calm and quiet house with someone who can help her settle in and come out of her […]

Reggie the Labradoodle

Reggie is a handsome one year old male Labradoodle with the most beautiful green eyes who is booked in for castration surgery on 19th July. Reggie has been surrendered from a family home where they felt they could not meet his exercise needs. His mum was a Labradoodle and his dad was a full Labrador, he has taken all of the Labrador traits and looks like a big Lab with a wavy coat. Reggie is a powerful boy and currengtly […]

Emma the Shih tzu – Poodle

Emma is a black female Shih tzu Poodle cross. Her mum was a Shih tzu and her dad was a toy poodle, so she is small in size. Emma has a lovely soft wavy coat which will require regular professional grooming. Emma is a sad surrender from a loving family home as they felt that they were unable to meet her needs. Emma is almost two years old and is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and upto date with her flea and […]

Thelma & Louise The French Bulldogs

Thelma & Louise are a pair of beautiful fawn French Bulldogs. Thelma is a three and a half year old, spayed, female French Bulldog. Thelma came to us with her sister Louise who is a two year old spayed, female, French Bulldog. They were both surrendered from a loving home as their owner’s circumstances had changed and they could no longer keep them. Thelma is the more confident of the two and she will happily approach you for a fuss. […]