Pumpkin the Bulldog

Pumpkin the Bulldog

Pumpkin is a 4 year old female English Bulldog. She has come to us from a home environment. Pumpkin is booked in to be spayed shortly. She has previously had the BOAS surgery however we are going to discuss her suitability for a second round of this surgery while she is being spayed as with most Bulldogs, she can struggle with her breathing. Pumpkin is a nervous girl who can also be very affectionate and loving once she is established. Pumpkin came into rescue with her French Bulldog brother and generally gets on better with male dogs. Pumpkin doesnt always like sharing her toys. We have noticed in foster that she can be dominant over other female dogs. With someone at home most of the time Pumpkin could be a lovely only dog.

Colour – Red Fawn

Microchip number and company – known and will update to the new adopter

Known medical conditions – none

Neutered – Pumpkin is booked in to be spayed with our vets

Needs a home with other dogs – as detailed above, Pumpkin can be an only dog and may be ok with some other dogs

Good with cats – Not tested but can be arranged

Good with kids – We don’t routinely rehome with young children

Travelling in the car – Pumpkin can be anxious in the car but does settle

Housetrained – Pumpkin sleeps overnight in a crate and is 99% clean, her house training is a work in progress and she may need reminding in her new home

Lead walking – Pumpkin can manage short walks and enjoys this but careful consideration should be given as with all Bulldogs

Recall – Not tested

Crate trained – Pumpkin will stay in a crate overnight

Current diet – twice a day. No observed allergies, Pumpkin likes wet and dry food

Meal routine – twice a day

A video home check and £550 adoption donation will apply

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