Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

I’ve decided to try and be more present with my family over this Christmas period so having a little break from social media – we will of course answer any urgent requests for help. As you can imagine, rescue takes a lot of your energy and emotions and the non stop caring for dogs this year has certainly put a strain on us all.
For anyone who doesn’t know – Little Legs is entirely family run, we work across our two houses, have no kennels and no formal charity funding and the dogs live in our homes with us. We set up with no money in the bank and paid the first big vets bill on a credit card before starting a fundraiser to cover the costs.
This year alone we have taken in 43 dogs, the majority have been adopted, some are still with us on long term foster, we have funded dozens of spaying and castration surgeries, we have offered free advice and guidance to dog owners, we have nursed sick dogs, picked up thousands of poops and done countless loads of washing. There have been late nights and long journeys on rescue missions, we have had tears and extreme highs and lows but I wouldn’t change a thing.
From our family to yours, a very Happy Christmas to all our supporters. And love to our adopted babies this year, you all leave our care with a tiny piece of our hearts 💕 Amber 🐶 Ted 🐶 Millie 🐶 Winnie 🐶 Alfie 🐶 Lady 🐶 Eggy 🐶 Norman 🐶 Percy 🐶 Barry 🐶 Casper 🐶 Vernon 🐶 Jimmy 🐶 Hallie 🐶 Biggie 🐶 Bella 🐶 Tisha 🐶 Charlie 🐶 Elvis 🐶 Milo 🐶