Morticia & Wednesday: Frenchie Dachshunds

Morticia & Wednesday: Frenchie Dachshunds

Morticia and Wednesday have been successfully rehomed.
They are two 4 month old miniature Dachshund cross French Bulldog puppies who were the result of an accidental mating. Both puppies are a beautiful black/brindle colour and currently weigh approximately 2.5Kg with Morticia being slightly larger. Both puppies awere initially very shy but are quickly adjusting to life in a busy household. We have started their house training and familiarising them with wearing a collar, having their ears cleaned and nails trimmmed. Both puppies are very bonded and a home for both together would be preferred. If we are unable to find a home for both together, then a resident kind and playful dog would be necessary.

There is an expectation of puppy training by the new owners and to keep Little Legs updated with their progress.

Colour – Black/Brindle

Microchip number and company – known and will update to the new adopter

Known medical conditions – No medical conditions. Both have been vet checked and fully vaccinated so are able to be walked straight away. Both puppies are flead and wormed. French Bulldogs and Dachshunds are both breeds which have known medical conditions specific to them. Please familiaries yourself with these breeads and their known issues.

Neutered – no but we will only rehome with an agreement in place for neutering to be done within 12 months. A contribution wil be made towards this by Little Legs.

Needs a home with other dogs – Not if they are rehomed together.

Good with cats – not tested.

Good with kids – homes with older dog familiar children may be considered. Our usual policy is not to rehome with children under 16 however as these are puppies with no pre-existing issues we will consider homes with children who are familiar with dogs and dog handling.

Travelling in the car – both seem ok with short distances.

Housetrained – House training has begun but bear in mind they are puppies and this is an ongoing process.

Lead walking – not started.

Recall – Not tested.

Crate trained – no.

Current diet – 4 small meals of wet and dry puppy food.

Meal routine – as above.

Adoption fee £500 each. Apply to adopt Morticia & Wednesday using our adoption form here