Norman & Percy The Dachshunds

Norman & Percy The Dachshunds

Norman & Percy have been successfully rehomed.

Norman and Percy are two lovely miniature Dachshund boys who are looking for an experienced home together.
Norman is a black and silver dapple although his markings have faded a little since he got older. His brother Percy is a chocolate dapple and they will turn 2 years old in September.
Both boys have been with us now for ten days and settled in well with our resident dogs, so can live with other small dogs too. They haven’t been fully cat tested but this can be arranged.
Both boys are typical of Daxis, loving, lively and a little vocal! They have been sadly surrendered from a loving home and have no underlying health or behavioural issues other than the usual Dachshund traits which we all know and love 🤣 ☔️ 💦 🌭 they have been a little excitable and ‘humpy’ but we are confident this will settle after neutering and it has calmed down with some training in the house.
We are looking for a home where someone is in for most of the day, so sorry no full time workers. Their previous owner felt her changing circumstances meant she couldn’t give these boys the time and attention they deserved so this is something important to us.
Percy has had a previous broken tail as a tiny puppy but it doesn’t cause him any pain or discomfort, just makes him a little quirky!
Whilst they are both miniatures, they are on the larger size with Norman weighing approximately 7kg and Percy a little lighter.
The boys are crate trained and sleep together at night in a covered crate in the kitchen, they have also been clean in the house but this isn’t guaranteed with any dog.
Both of them walk lovely on a lead and really look forward to going out.
As a small rescue we do not routinely rehome where there are young children I’m afraid.
An adoption process is applicable including a video call home check, ID checks and also an adoption fee.
The boys will be ready to leave once they have healed fully from their castration and been signed off by our vet. They are also fully vaccinated and microchipped and we will cover the cost to change the chip over to ensure it’s done quickly.


Colour – Black and silver dapple/chocolate dapple

Microchip number and company – Known and will update to the new owner

Known medical conditions – recently neutered

Neutered – yes

Needs a home with other dogs – Norman and Percy are brothers who absolutely must remain together

Good with cats – not tested

Good with kids – not tested. Generally we recommend to homes without young children.

Travelling in the car – Both Norman and Percy have been fine on short trips

Housetrained – The boys are crate trained and have remained clean whilst staying in foster care

Lead walking – Norman and Percy both love walking and are fine on a lead

Recall – not tested

Crate trained – yes

Current diet – a mix of wet and dry food

Meal routine – twice a day, early morning and approx.8-9pm