Bon Bon

Bon Bon

BonBon has been successfully rehomed and is loving her new lease of life.

Bon Bon is a beautiful ex breeding French Bulldog who is living in one of our experienced foster homes. Bon Bon is a sweet, chunky girl who is slowly coming out of her shell in foster with their resident Frenchie. Bon Bon can be nervous around men and will need slow, gentle introductions. She loves to chase a football and is now picking up toys to play and learning about the routines of living in a home environment. Ideally Bon Bon would go to a home with another kind dog to learn the ropes from, and French Bulldog experience would be advantageous.

We are now accepting applications for BonBon. The appropriate applications will be contacted for further information and home check.

Dog age – 4-5 years

Sex – female (neutered)

Breed – French Bulldog

Weight – approx 15Kg

Colour – blue (dark grey)

Microchip number and company – known, will be updated on adoption

Known medical conditions – none in foster

Neutered – yes

Good with cats – There are no cats in the foster home but has seen cats in their garden and has not reacted. We can arrange a full cat test as required

Good with kids – older teenage children

Travelling in the car – short distances tested so far; no issues

Housetrained – BonBon has previously lived in kennels and her house training has started but will need to be continued by her new owners

Lead walking – BonBon has had short walks with a harness and no issues

Recall – too early to be tested

Crate trained – BonBon sleeps overnight in her crate

Current diet – Hypoallergenic dry food specific for French Bulldogs

Meal routine – twice a day