Amber the Terrier

Amber the Terrier

Amber has been successfully rehomed and is loving her new lease of life.

Amber has been with us now for just over a month, and has come on leaps and bounds. Amber (previously was Pickle) is aged approximately 6 years old and a brown and tan female terrier type, possibly Dachshund mix. Amber is neutered, microchipped and fully up to date with her vaccinations. She has recently had a full dental and removal of a large number of teeth, but has recovered well and eating wet and dry food and loves chew bars. All her paperwork will come with her, and her microchip updated to her new owner.

Amber is a typical terrier – affectionate, intelligent and lively. She would benefit from an active home where she can burn off lots of energy. Amber was originally adopted by her fosterer, but after some time with her we have realised the house is too sedentary for her needs as made up of mainly older dogs, and she loves to chase and play and it is too much for the smaller senior dogs already in the home. Amber is good as gold in the house, loves a comfy bed and will bring you toys to your feet to encourage you to throw them for her.

Amber travels well in the car and is almost fully house trained, sleeping through for 8 hours at night in her own covered crate downstairs. She can walk well on a lead although can get excited and pull a bit with other dogs, this is something to be worked on with her adopters. Her recall is a work in progress as she loves to play, so will approach other dogs, even much larger than herself and bark to tell them she wants to chase. Amber will just need reminding about her manners so she doesn’t get too sassy!

Amber loves toys and balls and is very food orientated, so it will be easy to continue her training with some tasty treats. She has adjusted well to home life and living indoors and quickly understood her new routine. Amber is very affectionate and will seek out her favourite humans to cuddle with on the sofa. We nicknamed her ‘Velcro’ as she is always by your side.

Amber has met younger children and cats, and while ok with them, we feel a home without either would be better. She will be need to fed alone or in a crate, possibly with a slow feeding bowl as she can bolt her food and then will look to start on someone else’s which is often not appreciated.

Amber needs to go to a terrier confident home with other dog(s) for company. As she is an assertive girl, we would ask that your own dogs are confident and larger in size.

In short, Amber is an outgoing, robust little girl who is very typical of her breed. She will beg for treats and smile to show her teeth when she’s happy. She has quickly adjusted to home life but can still be nervous and loud noises can cause her to cower and hide. We are confident with the right home this will change in no time at all. She thrives on human interaction and will need someone who is at home for a lot of the time.

Covid regulations mean Amber will need to be adopted locally in the Southport area, and we would ask for any potential adopters to meet with their own resident dog(s) on neutral territory.

Please message if you are interested in Amber and we can send you a link to the online application form, and also answer any questions you might have.

Dog age – approximately 6-7 years but behaves younger
Sex – female
Breed – Jack Russell Terrier type, possible Dachshund cross
Weight – 5.9Kg
Colour – brown and tan
Microchip number and company – known, and will be updated
Known medical conditions – none, recently had a full dental
Neutered – yes
Needs a home with other dogs – yes, at least one
Good with cats – ok but prefer a home without
Good with kids – ok but prefer a hone without
Travelling in the car – excellent
Housetrained – 9/10 will need reminding, but can sleep through the night with no accidents
Lead walking – 7/10, a work in progress will need a confident handler
Recall – 5/10, likes to sniff and chase, will need some work
Crate trained – yes
Current diet – mix of wet and dry food twice a day and treats,
Meal routine – fed 8am and 8pm with snacks in between, fed from a slow feeding bowl in her crate